Solid Waste

The Towns of Mapleton, Castle Hill & Chapman are under contract with the City of Presque Isle for management of their solid waste through the 2008 Inter Community Agreement.

Household Waste

The Towns have access to the City’s landfill and recycling center for residents desiring to dispose of their own household waste. Click on the Division of Solid Waste link for further information regarding the landfill and recycling center: City of Presque Isle Division of Solid Waste.

Curbside Pickup

The Towns are utilizing different haulers for curbside pickup of household trash and recycling. Castle Hill and Chapman have pickup on Mondays and Mapleton on Fridays. Please call either Star City Sanitation or Gil’s for more information.

Fiscal Impact

The Towns’ solid waste budget now has one component funded through the property tax: Debt Service. The Towns are obligated to pay debt service on the landfill until 2042 at an annual cost of approximately $32,000.