Our History

The Towns operate under an Interlocal Agreement to provide joint municipal services to their communities. Each town is represented by a Select Board of five members that are still responsible for making individual decisions for their respective communities in a town meeting – select board – town manager form of government.  They come together to form the 15 member Joint Select Board that makes decisions affecting the three communities as one entity.  Mapleton and Castle Hill began working together in 1947 and Chapman joined the group in 1974.  The formal Interlocal Agreement was established in 1992.  The three communities have a long history of working together and their Select Boards are very professional and collegial.

The Towns are run as one municipal entity by a town manager, treasurer, three clerks, four highway crew members, an assessor and a code enforcement officer. We have a volunteer fire service run by a fire chief and assistant fire chief on a stipend basis.  Police service is provided by the Aroostook County Sheriff’s Department and the Maine State Police.  The town also provides a public pool, little league baseball league and recreation program for our children in the summer.

The towns’ schools are provided by MSAD1 – a regional school district with Presque Isle, Westfield and our three communities. Mapleton Elementary school provides K-5 education for our communities, excepting East Chapman.  Middle and High Schools are in Presque Isle.  Please visit the MSAD1 web site for more information: https://sad1.org/

The last week of June brings Mapleton Daze – Aroostook County’s first community festival each year. The Mapleton Lions host a chicken BBQ on Friday night and the community gathers to celebrate the beginning of the summer.  The Mapleton fireworks show is always spectacular and brings crowds from around the county.  Maple Meadow Farms hosts their Farm Festival on the same weekend, showcasing old school farming operations.

There are two ATV clubs and two snowmobile clubs in the three towns that maintain meticulously groomed trails throughout the year. Castle Hill’s Haystack Mountain is available to climb and offers incredible vistas over the region.  The Aroostook River is a favorite for canoeing and kayaking and several area lakes offer still water opportunities.  There are five golf courses and a ski mountain within a 30 minute drive.  Additionally, it takes just over 30 minutes to cross the border into New Brunswick, Canada.  There are plenty of opportunities in our immediate area for every type of activity.

Mapleton, Castle Hill & Chapman typify small town America. You’ll be at ease here and understand precisely why Maine’s motto is, “The Way Life Should Be!”